Dear violin-people,

after more than eight weeks at home we can’t stand it anymore and want to play music for you again! We have now found a perfect location, where we have enough space and also a strong internet, and can now announce the dates:

We will start on Sunday, 17.5.2020 at 20.15 and three more concerts will follow each Sunday. We will play you our “Eight Seasons” – one concert per season.

Get your tickets here:

17.5.2020 – Spring
24.5.2020 – Summer
31.5.2020 – Autumn
7.6.2020 – Winter

Once you have bought the tickets, you just have to wait – the link to the stream will be sent to you automatically. If you want, you can chat with us and the other viewers during the concert and afterwards (you need to register on YouTube to do so).

We are looking forward to seeing you!

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