CD Secret Places (2017)

SECRET PLACES is a hypnotic journey to the core of your soul, a musical picture book that lures the listener to the very depths of his or her powers of imagination. The works sketch unique contours with what seem like melodic brush strokes – each bar a step into unknown territory. Pulsating, fragile, poignant, wild too, dancing and full of joie de vivre.
All of the compositions are recorded for the first time in this form on CD and all but “Hammers” by Nils Frahm were written for the Crossover Composition Award 2015.

Stream or download the album here.

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Tracklist: Rebecca Czech, Germany: Ich glaub´, es gibt Regen | András Derecskei, Hungary: Balkanoid | Benjamin Heim, Australia: Trance No.1 | Edmund Jolliffe, UK: Waltz Diabolique | Jens Hubert, Germany: Rock you vs. Ballerina | Johannes Meyerhöfer, Germany: Atem • Licht | Nils Frahm, Germany: Hammers | Aleksander Gonobolin, Ukraine: Metamorphosis | Dawid Lubowicz, Poland: Carpathian | Vladimir Torchinsky, Russia: Eight Strings | Benedikt Brydern, USA: Schillers Nachtflug | Andreas Håkestad, Norway: Three Moods, I | Levent Altuntas, Germany: Chasma^2

CD Sunfire (2014)

With their album SUNFIRE, the Twiolins not only thrill into musical parallel worlds, but push the emotions of the audience to extremes, torn between bewitchingly beautiful sounds and rhythmically pulsating structures.

A sunrise, from the timid dawning to the glittering flare of light on the horizon – with this expressive sound fantasy the journey begins on eight strings. Under shrill steam clouds, an old railway sets in motion and takes the audience into the beauty of idyllic forests. The two siblings indulge in the gentle and soft sounds of longing melodies and it could not be more beautiful – until suddenly a cheeky fly pops up …

SUNFIRE – the 2nd album by The Twiolins. Award winning compositions from the Progressive Classical Music Awards 2012 and more.

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Stream or download the album here.

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Tracklist: Aleksey Igudesman, Russia: Morrison´s Jig & La Petite Valse |  Johannes Söllner, Germany: Doch Laub und Wolken unter Nacht | Tonio Geugelin, Germany: Orient Express | Franz Cibulka, Austria: Sunfire | Sebastian Sylla, Germany: Maha Nada | Jonathan Russel, USA: Five Two Tango | Benedikt Brydern, USA: Gemini |  Judit Varga, Hungary: A Fly´s Life an Decline | Sophie Pope, UK: Sonnet ^5 | Robert S. Cohen, USA: Invasion of the anteaters | Hans-Günther Allers, Germany: Schienen-Kapriolen

CD Virtuoso (2011)


VIRTUOSO is the debut album of the Twiolins – it presents the winning pieces of the first Progressive Classical Music Awards, initiated by the Twiolins in 2009, which invited composers around the world to write new works for two violins. Compositions from all over the world were submitted and the music on this album is as diverse as the composers’ countries of origin. First the two violins race on the motorway, then a fever of passion attacks them, fairy tales are told, the wind plays and dreams and a pas de deux is danced in a jazzy way…

Stream or download the album here.

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Tracklist: Benedikt Brydern, USA: Autobahn | Aleksey Igudesman, Russia: Fever of passion & Peesh moosh | Teodor Nicolau, Finnland: Fairy Tale  | Hollis Taylor, Australia: Fast Forward & Celebrate Moldowa | Tina Ternes, Germany: Windspiel | Ewelina Novicka, Poland: Jongleurs | Dorothea Mader, Germany: Pas de deux

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