Dear friends,

all our concerts have been cancelled, probably more cancellations will follow until June or even August! We are now facing a time where we can’t make any income at all. Even after that it is questionable whether we will be able to compensate for all the concerts – because also many organizers are endangered by the sudden cancellations, seasons are already planned until next year and also economy and therefore sponsorship and cultural support have to be in flow again to make culture possible.
That’s why we ask you carefully for help – even though we know that not only the music industry is affected. But some of you also have a lot of free time now, so we have made a small list with actions from 0€ to 999€ with which you can support us.
Have a look, we are grateful for every small and big gesture!

Watch videos on YouTube (0€)
Since our channel is monetized, we earn a few cents if you watch. A little more than with streaming. So just click and listen to some good music. Registration is not necessary. And playlists are also available for you to run through.
Go to YouTube

Streaming to Spotify or Apple music (0-10€)
If you have a paid or unpaid account on Spotify: Just listen to our music there and we earn something. Not even whole cents, but the masses will do! When you have finished all our CDs, switch to our playlists (scroll down on our profile)
Go to Spotify
Apple Music (here we get paid a little better):
Go to iTunes

Need a new spring wardrobe? (Starts with 12€)
We have a new online shop for fan articles. There you can buy very nice t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, baby clothes and many other useful things with or without our logo. Spring is coming and before you go shopping online anywhere, just think about your favorite artists:
Go to our Fan-Shop

Ask your radio station
Beeing played in the radio is still payed incredibly well – so let´s ask the radio stations to help us. You as a listener and fan do us a favour with a short message to your radio station. Just tell them your favorite piece from us and ask them to play it.

Looking for sheet music for violin duet? (Starts with 14€)
Over the years we have collected many good pieces for two violins and you can order them directly from us. If you are a violin teacher, this is the best time to look for new pieces for your students to play chamber music with them later. “Jugend Musiziert” will take place next year in the violin duet category.
Go to our shop

Buy CD (Starts 15€, only Germany)
This is the product where artists still earn good money (for a lot of work in the past, btw). Buy it directly from us and enjoy the music without advertising and in high audio quality!
Go to our Shop

If we can offer streaming concerts depends on a future curfew – because as you know, we don’t live together 😉 Therefore we might not be able to use this possibility at all due to the physical separation. But if, we will prepare it for the next weeks and you will be informed in the near future. Since we want to offer a good audio experience, we need some more time.

Whatever you do, stay healthy and stay at home. The free time can be used with lots of nice music. Everything will be fine again, we are sure.

With love, your Twiolins

Marie & Christoph

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