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Violin duet suggestions/ Repertoire list for two violins


The ultimate list for violin duo repertoire!

Based on her own years of teaching experience, Marie-Luise Dingler has compiled and categorized all relevant violin duos that can be played by students – according to levels of difficulty and age groups for the German competition “Jugend Musiziert”, by epochs and with audio samples and ordering options (as far as possible). This list should be a help for teachers, parents and students who are interested in the repertoire for two violins. Feel free to send new suggestions to info@thetwiolins.de
Epoches are in German: Barock = baroque, Klassik = classicism, Romantik = romanticism, Moderne = modern, Zeitgenössisch = contemporary

The list is sorted after age groups for the competition “Jugend Musiziert”. Age Group I and II are beginners, III are advanced players and so on. Looking for epoches, use the search funktion in your browser.

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