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With their album SUNFIRE, the Twiolins not only thrill into musical parallel worlds, but push the emotions of the audience to extremes, torn between bewitchingly beautiful sounds and rhythmically pulsating structures.

A sunrise, from the timid dawning to the glittering flare of light on the horizon ÔÇô with this expressive sound fantasy the journey begins on eight strings. Under shrill steam clouds, an old railway sets in motion and takes the audience into the beauty of idyllic forests. The two siblings indulge in the gentle and soft sounds of longing melodies and it could not be more beautiful ÔÇô until suddenly a cheeky fly pops up ÔÇŽ

SUNFIRE ÔÇô the 2nd┬áalbum by The Twiolins. Award winning compositions from the Progressive Classical Music Awards┬á2012 and more.

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